GRANITE STATE DOG RECOVERY - Helping to Reunite Lost Dogs with their Families in NH
                         Welcome to Granite State Dog Recovery
                         Dedicated to Reuniting Lost Pets with their Families
                                  All Volunteer Nonprofit Organization

Granite State Dog Recovery is a 501c3 all volunteer non-profit organization that is working in partnership with shelters, rescue groups and (ACO) animal control agencies, veterinarians and pet lovers to help reunite lost dogs with their owners in the State of NH.
We know how desperate it feels to lose a dog.  We know the heartache, the worry, the sense of helplessness and we know the "if only" thoughts that go through the mind. We know that a dog can quickly become lost , and they can become so frightened they often have difficulty coming to their owners even when the meeting is face to face and we know that this can happen to any dog and anyone.  This is one of the many reasons that Granite State Dog Recovery was created.
Each year many hundreds of dogs go missing in the State of NH. Part of our mission is to help educate owners on productive methods to use in bringing their dogs home and assist in team search efforts when possible.  It is our desire is to help you get your lost pets back home... safe, sound and as quickly as possible.  

Whether you have found a pet or lost a pet, we're here to help - because a lost pet is not a lost cause, and they are out there somewhere waiting to be found. Remember NEVER GIVE UP!
                                 We never turn down a plea for help!

We can be reached at our email at
someone will contact you asap, so please leave us a phone number. 
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Granite state Dog Recovery is not able to physically assist with every lost dog in the State of NH. Please feel free to contact us via email  for guidance and support and for any additional information that may be needed. 

Granite State Dog Recovery Is not able to go out and hang posters for families unless you are physically unable to hang posters. Thanks for understanding. 

                        "Never Give up on Your Lost Dog"

We are NOT Animal Control Officers or Cruelty Investigators  If you witness an act of animal torture or abuse call your local police immediately! 
If you know or suspect that an animal is being neglected or abused, report your information by calling NHSPCA 603-772-2921 ext. 111 
Please consider making a Tax-Deductible donation so we can help more families reunite with their missing pets.
                                    Granite State Dog Recovery 
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