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Granite State Dog Recovery

The Center for Lost Pets:
The Center for Lost Pets was created by a team of dedicated specialists: shelter managers, natural disaster and safety experts, veterinarians and a variety of go-to gurus on all things pets.
Together with some of high-tech’s most talented programmers, software developers and Web designers, we set out to achieve a very ambitious and worthwhile goal – to create one central location where people who have lost and found pets can connect. And all along the way, we were driven by one shared inspiration – the pets we love.
PETS 911
PETS 911 consists of not only a Web site, but also a toll-free phone, hot line (1-888-PETS-911) that allows everyone to access the important, life-saving information we provide. This is why we consider ourselves a true public service. And, at the same time, we are not competing with our shelter and rescue partners for donation dollars. We thank our partners for making PETS 911 possible.
Pet Harbor
Craigs list NH
Craig list is a centralized network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisements – with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums.
Lost and Pound
Lost and is an online network of pet professionals, pet owners and animal lovers set up to provide you with a FREE resource to make your search for your lost pet fast, easy and thorough.
Pet finder is an on-line, search able database of animals that need homes. It is also a directory of over 12,500 animal shelters and adoption organizations across the USA, Canada and Mexico. Organizations maintain their own home pages and available pet database.
Ebay Classified Ads
Bay Classifieds (formerly Kijiji); the word “Kijiji” (pronounced key-gee-gee) means “village” in Swahili. This word captures the essence of what we are creating — a community where members can connect with one another to exchange goods, ideas, and services.
Uncle Henry's
Popular publication offers statewide classifieds. User may place online ad.
Lost Pets International Listings by Geographical Area. To submit an ad, scroll down to find your country and area and click it.
Fido finder
Fido Finder is the largest public database of lost and found dogs. Lost dog owners and lost dog finders can post classified ads, search listings, print posters, and even receive automated email notifications when matching dogs are added to the website. Start by searching our lost or found dog listings, then proceed to register your lost or found dog to add the dog to our database and begin receiving email updates.
Find Toto
Find Toto sends out lost pet phone call alert messages that are delivered to the direct area of where your pet went missing or was last seen. Our friendly phone messages rapidly alert the neighbors about your missing pet and will increase your community’s response and involvement to help bring them home.
Helping Lost Pets
Helping Lost Pets is a free online registry of lost and found pets. It uses Microsoft Bing maps to allow you to see where the pet was lost or found anywhere in the world. Email alerts are sent to members in the area of a pet posting and posters can be printed directly from the website.
Missing Small Dog Alert
Missing Small Dog Alert is an organization that provides valuable advice, links to websites and utilizes Facebook to send flyers complete with pictures, contact information and important details. is a free service powered by the love for animals and their families.
Lost Pet USA
3 Easy Steps to Locate Your Pet. Search our national database by zip code.
Register your lost or found pet free of charge on Lost pet Locate shelters, veterinarians, rescues or law enforcement agencies anywhere in the USA by using our Google facility zip code search.
Lost and Found US
Home Again
Home Again specializes in pet recovery services, and to date, we have reunited over 600,000 pets with their owners. When you report your pet lost, Home Again sends rapid Lost Pet Alerts with your pet’s Lost Pet Poster to members of the Home Again Pet Recovery Network within a 25-mile radius. Our nationwide lost pet network includes over 450,000 veterinarians, animal shelters, and volunteer Pet Rescuers ready to help protect your lost pet.
Dog Amber Alert
A person with a missing dog can join for FREE and set up a profile with a missing dog Vflyer. Then they input their zip code, drop their dog into missing mode, and their dog is instantly sent on the alert system for everyone to see. All members in a missing dogs area will be notified via the ticker system by distance from missing zip code.
Find fido
Find Fido is a free service for lost dogs, found dogs, and dogs up for adoption.
Here’s your opportunity to reach a wide audience by putting up a “ flyer ” in the world’s biggest supermarket (‘the Web’).
Yahoo Groups
If we reunite only one dog with its owner, this list will have served its purpose.
Nationwide group for posting alerts for missing dogs throughout the United States and Canada.
Only information on dogs may be posted – CAT OWNERS: Yahoo has a Feline-Amber-Alert group.

If you post an ad on the internet and want to renew, refresh , or delete it, you'll be asked to create a  password when placing the ad. Please Record this password in a log book.  Please Delete ads when you find your dog.

List of Animal Shelters
Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire- North
545 Route 101
Bedford, NH
(603) 472-3647

Concord-Merrimack County SPCA
130 Washington Street
Penacook, NH 03303

Conway Area Humane Sociey

River Valley Animal Protection League
Charlestown, NH

Cocheco Valley Humane Society
Dover, NH 03820

Greater Derry Humane Society
East Derry NH

Upper Valley Humane Society

Franklin Animal Shelter
Franklin, NH

NH Humane Society
Laconia NH

Above the Notch Humane Society
Littleton, NH

Friends of Manchester Animal Shelter
Manchester NH
Humane Society of Greater Nashua
24 Ferry Road, Nashua, NH
Lakes Region Humane Society
Ossipee NH
Phone 603.539.1077

Salem Animal Rescue League
Salem NH
603) 893-3210
Stratham NH
Fax Machine

Monadnock Humane Society
West Swanzey NH

Link to Animal Shelters in NH

List of NH Animal Shelters & Animal Advocacy Organizations

Please Call your Local Police Department to get the Animal Control Officers Phone Number.
Emergency Veterinary Clinics in NH
Rockingham Emergency Veterinary Hospital
Veterinary Emergency Center of Manchester NH
336 Abby Rd
Manchester NH
Capital Area Veterinary Emergency Services
1 Intervale Rd
Concord NH
Animal Medical Center of New England
168 Main Dunstable Rd
Nashua NH

Winnipesauke Veterinary Emergency - (603) 279-1117
8 Maple Street, Suite 2, Meredith, NH

Veterinary Emergency Critical Care & Referral Center of New Hampshire
15 Piscataqua Drive
Newington, NH 03801
603) 431-3600 or
Fax: (603) 431-1751

Public Directory of Veterinary Hospitals in the State Of NH

List of Licensed Veterinaries in the State of NH with Phone # and Addresses


After-Hours / 24-Hour Emergency Clinics
Animal Emergency Clinic
739 Warren Avenue
Portland, ME

Animal Emergency Clinic of Mid Maine
37 Strawberry Avenue
Lewiston, ME

Eastern Maine Emergency Veterinary Clinic
15 Dirigo Drive
Brewer, ME

Maine Veterinary Referral Center
1500 Technology Way
Scarborough, ME

Port City Veterinary Referral Hospital
215 Commerce Way, Suite 100
Portsmouth, NH

Veterinary Emergency, Critical Care & Cancer Treatment Center of NH
15 Piscataqua Drive
Newington, NH

Pubic Directory for Veterinary Hospitals in the State of ME

Emergency Veterinary Hospitals in the State of Ma
Public Directory for Veterinary Hospitals in the State of MA
Vermont Public Directory for Veterinary Hospitals

Online Advice
Sadly, there are several scams where thieves prey on pet owners who have lost a pet. For example, there’s the “truck driver” scam where someone calls to say that while driving through your area they picked up a stray dog and just now saw your lost-dog ad. They then ask you to wire them money so they can ship your dog back to you. You send the money and the dog never arrives. If someone tells you to wire money because they have your pet, do not believe them! Never agree to pay a reward until you have your pet in hand. If someone has your dog but demands money and won’t return your dog unless you pay them, call the police. Never go to pick up your found pet alone, you should see if they are willing to meet you at a police station or an animal shelter in the area. Tell a family member or friend exactly where you are going, take a cell phone with you and take at least one other adult with you. And finally, be aware that anyone can take a dog, place a search dog vest on it, claim it is trained to find lost pets, and charge a unbelievable fee, you could possibly be scammed out of a lot of money . Be certain to check several references of any pet detective service that you use that you are going to pay money for, make sure they have actually found lost dogs.
To avoid being taken advantage of, Granite State Dog Recovery suggest that you steer clear of anyone Dog Trackers that:

Claims that his or her dogs can track a scent trail that is older than one month; 
Claims to have a 90% or higher success rate;


Claims to have THE BEST tracking dogs in the world;


Seems more concerned about disparaging low- or no-cost lost pet services than in offering affordable services themselves.
Charges Mileage and Hotel expenses while staying here in NH along with a hourly search rate.

Avoid Pet Alert Scams using our trade name, like, Finding Your Lost, Pet Amber, Pets Amber, lost pets Report My, lost dog and Lost My Investigate their claims as many are scams!