GRANITE STATE DOG RECOVERY - Helping to Reunite Lost Dogs with their Families in NH
Churches- handout fliers at departure time or ask if an annoucement can be made during the service. Ask for a flier to be put in the bulletin.
Schools- ask the principal to send out an email blast.
Sports Event
Flea & Farmers Markers
4-H Clubs & Various Outdoor Clubs
School Bus Drivers
UPS, Fed EX, Cable Ultility Drivers
School Bus Drivers(ask Drivers to tape flier to bus, in back of his seat, so the children on the bus can see it.)
Us Postal Service
Department Store Parking Lots- Under Windshield Wpers
Fast food Restaurants
Park n'Rides
Apartment Complexes-tape to the dumpsters
Pizza/Food Delivery
Taxi Cab Drivers
Gas Stations
Convnience stores
Animal Service-Vet Clinics, Pet Food Stores, Groomers, boarding facilities, doggy day care, dog walkers
Dog Parks
Newspaper Carries
Neighborhood Coffee Shops
Neighborhood Deli
Snowmobile trails and Clubs
Bike Paths
Industrial Area-(ask business to post a flier at the time clock employees use.
Facepage page-put flyer in your profile picture- Start a facebook page for your lost pet
Neighborhood Assiociates
Turn your car into a  Moving billboard!
Tag your car using neomarkers
Turn your car into a billboard! Use bright florescent window markers to advertise your lost dog as you drive through your community. Be sure to include: the breed or description of your dog if it is a lesser known breed, list a street, intersection, or neighborhood name, the city or town and your phone number. Keep it to 3-4 lines of information. The letters should be three to four inches tall – any smaller and they won't be easy to read. Use different colors in your message to make it easier to read. You can also include a color photograph of your dog inserted inside a plastic sheet protector and secured to your window with tape.
The more friends and family you can get to tag their cars the more sighting calls you might generate.
Place a ad in the Local newspapers and in other local publications.
Post your flyers in your neighborhood and beyond. You can Never have enough flyers up!
Telephone Poles, street sign poles, put them in newspaper boxes.  Tape them to the outside of Mailboxes. (DO NOT PUT them inside mailboxes as this is a Federal Offense). Knock on Dooes and share the flyer with them. 
Business Cards with the dog's picture, the date lost, where lost, phone numbers. and hand those out to people walking their dogs, runnin, riding bikes etc. Sometimes People throw away flyers, but they will keep a business card.  Remember to use a Phone number that someone is able to answer at any time of the day.
*Please Remember with some of these Suggestions that Granite State Dog Recovery is providing you MUST GET PERMISSION TO DO SO!
1. Record All sightings in a Log Book
2. Ask Questions and Listen.
3. Record the name of the Caller and their phone number
4. Ask simple questions 
    Where did you see my dog?
    When did you see my dog?   
    Can you Describe my dog?
    What was she doing?  Examples running down run, playing with other dogs
    Did you See a Collar? 
    What Color Collar?
After you finish with the call- Make sure to post it on a map you can use a paper map or goggle maps, this will help you figure out the direction of travel.