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NH Animal Abuse Hot Lines

Animal cruelty can encompass many different acts of neglect and abuse. The language of the law is very specific as to what defines cruelty to animals, as listed under our NH Criminal Code, RSA 644:8 If you are uncertain if what you have witnessed is animal cruelty please do not hesitate to call. It is our job to educate the public as to the various laws regarding animal protection.  

603-772-2921 ext. 111

Animal Rescue league of Bedford

Monadnock Humane Society
603-352-9011 ext 123

Pope Memorial Spca
Concord NH

Humane Society of the United States
NH State Director/Lindsay Hamrick

Microchip Companies:

If your dog goes missing please call your dog's microchip company to report him or her as missing, all microchip companies have a 24 hour recovery line.

Home Again Microchip Company
1-888-HOMEAGAIN (1-888-466-3242)

Avid identification Systems/Microchip Companies

24 Petwatch

Pet link
1-877-PETLINK (1-877-738-5465)

AKC Reunite

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Programs

Lost Dog Facebook Resource Sites in New England:

Animal Shelters in the State of NH:

Emergency Veterinary Clinics in NH

Sadly, there are several scams where thieves prey on lost dog pet owner.

Pet Rescue Scam Calls: Calling Service that is based in South America. This Group calls Lost Pet owners and claims to have found their pet or offers to help them search for a small fee. This is an illegal Company:

The Truck Driver scam is where someone calls to say that while driving through your area they picked up a stray dog and just now saw your lost-dog ad. They then ask you to wire them money so they can ship your dog back to you. You send the money and the dog never arrives. If someone tells you to wire money because they have your pet, do not believe them! 

The Pay-Me-First Scam: The lost pet owner receives a phone call from a person claiming that they have the lost pet in their possession. This person asks that the reward money be sent to them before they return the pet. If the pet owner refuses, they will often threaten to hurt the pet in order to pressure the pet owner into sending money. Once the scammer receives the money, they are never heard from again.

The Tag Team Scam: You receive a call from someone who says that they think they have your pet. After talking to you for a while and getting information about your pet, they apologize and say that they’re sorry, but it turns out that it’s not your pet after all. They then give all the information about your pet to a partner. This is a set-up — in a short time, the scammer uses the information received about your pet only to have a second person call and claim to have found your pet who will try collect any reward money in advance.. 

Never agree to pay a reward until you have your pet in hand. If someone has your dog but demands money and won’t return your dog unless you pay them, call the police. Never go to pick up your found pet alone, you should see if they are willing to meet you at a police station or an animal shelter in the area. Tell a family member or friend exactly where you are going, take a cell phone with you and take at least one other adult with you. 

Buyer Beware: If you have a lost dog and are going to use a paid service, please do your homework:

In the growing business of pet detectives  Please be aware that anyone can take a dog, place a search dog vest on it, claim it is trained to find lost pets, and charge a unbelievable fee, you could possibly be scammed out of a lot of money . Be certain to check several references of any pet detective service that you use that you are going to pay money for, make sure they have actually found lost dogs. They should have years of experience in finding lost pets and not have just taken a online class to earn a pet detective certificate.

Granite State Dog Recovery recommends staying away from dog trackers.
To avoid being taken advantage of, Granite State Dog Recovery suggest that you steer clear of anyone Dog Trackers that:  

Claims that his or her dogs can track a scent trail that is older than one month; 
Claims to have a 90% or higher success rate;
Claims to have THE BEST tracking dogs in the world;
Charges Mileage and Hotel expenses while staying in NH along with a hourly search rate.

Avoid Pet Alert Scams using trade names, like 
Finding Your Lost
Pet Amber
Pets Amber
Report My 
Lost My
Investigate their claims as many are scams!