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                           The Story of Molly the Yellow Lab
Molly went missing on 2/3/16 from her house in Windham and was safety trapped this Monday 2/8/16. 
GSDR was made aware of sightings of Molly on Saturday evening and we went right out and set up a feeding station. Within 1 hr Molly was eating dinner and we were thrilled. Sunday morning a trap was set while Molly watched us 20 feet away. We didn't want to scare her as she was very frightened so we let her observe us. 
Well Miss Molly had different plans and before you knew it Monday morning was upon us and No Molly on camera or even visiting the trap. 

On Monday Morning we received a sighting that she was on Canterbury Rd so we jumped into action and set up the trap before work. At 3:30pm Molly appeared on camera heading into the trap for dinner. One minute later Molly was safe in the trap . The residents of the home were nice and carried the trap with Molly inside and out of the snow. After 5 days Molly was SAFE! Thank you to the Windham NH animal control officer for helping us and Molly on your day off. At this point Molly's family is not able to care for her and they have signed her over to animal control. (Please no negative comments). Molly is a wonderful sweet loving girl and is resting comfortable in a warm loving foster house this evening and getting the love she so deserves. Molly we love you and we are beyond thrilled you are safe this cold snowy evening. Thank you to everyone that created the village that brought Molly a Home!

The story of Hazy the once missing Great Dane in Derry NH: 
Missing On January 22, 2016 and Successfully Trapped on January 30,2016.

Hazy was adopted a couple weeks ago from a animal shelter in Salem Ma. Hazy was in her owners home for 5 days and then decided to let herself out for walk while they were at work. Hazy walk turned into a 8 day hike and a nightmare for her family.
The sighting calls started coming in the minute posters were hung, but not as many as you think. We all started to wonder how do people not see a 150 pound Great Dane running down the road? A few times people saw her at night 2 1/2 miles from her house trotting down the road, but sadly they tried chasing after her, with steak and flashlights. We know that they wanted to help get her to safety, but there is no way you can outrun or chase after a dog and except it to come to you, once they go into survivor mode. On Sunday afternoon January 24, GSDR was out in the field, and who was trotting directly in our direction but Miss Hazy. Hazy got within 500 Feet of us and bolted down a trail and into the woods. We got permission right away from the land owner to set up our Gracie Trap and Trail camera, we knew that no way is a great dane fitting in a standard tru-catch trap. We traveled back to Manchester and picked up our kennel and then back and got to work setting it up. That night we received a sighting that Hazy was 2 miles up the road and headed back in the direction of the kennel. Sunday and Monday went by and then nothing on camera and nothing at the kennel. 
On Monday, January 25, 2016, Hazy looped back and was standing in her front yard. GSDR instructed Hazy family to open the door and walk away, but the second Hazy heard the door open she bolted like a deer into the woods. Heartbroken but not giving up, we hoped she would find the kennel down the road, but nothing. That night she was spotted 2.5 miles down the road getting back on the trails, her family went out and spotted her but she said catch you later, and bolted. By the time they returned home Hazy was staying in their front yard, like HA HA, I was faster then you, but Sorry I will catch you later! Once again she headed back to the woods. 

On Tuesday Morning January 26 at 6am the decision was made to move the kennel to Hazy's home. All of us at GSDR had to work at our normal jobs, so we headed out before day break and started breaking down the Gracie Trap in 15 degrees, while our fingers were sticking to the metal of the kennel, we knew we had to quickly move it to Hazy's house and set it back up over there. The Gracie was up and ready to go and tied open waiting for Hazy to arrival. All was quiet for a few hours and then at 12:30 pm the camera started going crazy, and there was our girl walking right in and having herself some lunch, we knew we were golden and she would be back. After work we headed back to Derry and set the Gracie Trap to trigger if she came back. Well we sat there when 1hr turned into 2 hrs, 3hrs, and 5hrs at 1am we called it a night. Knowing that a dog can break out of this kennel we unset it and tied it open for the rest of the night.

On Wednesday January 27, we set it again and nothing, tied it open and then 1hr later the princess Hazy made her arrival, eating all of her food, and then standing there waiting and hoping that more food would fall from the sky. 

On Thursday January 28, we made the decision that once the trap was set it today was staying set until we caught her. Knowing that kn her family would be home and they would have back up to help keep her in the Gracie Trap until she could be leashed. All of us at GSDR figured that was the best decision as this girl had no pattern. We sadly could not sit there for countless hours just waiting and waiting as we all have families/jobs and our own 4 legged family members to care for. Well Thursday came and went and nothing, and no sightings.On Friday the Gracie Trap was still set with steak wrapped and bacon and a 5 buck cluck but still no Hazy and not one sighting since 5 am. Staying positive, but filled with anxiety we wondered where the heck is she? No sleep for any of us as we are worried for her. You start questioning yourself, with the what if, she fell down the rocks and is stuck? What if she got hit by a car and we don't know? What if she fell into the pond? GSDR will be the first to tell you, we worry about every dog that we are helping to recovery, like they are one of our own but need to be positive for the families that we are working with. It is one of the worst feelings knowing that the dog is right there but then he or she just disappears. 
On Saturday January 30, we were out running errands and out working. At approx. 12pm we were getting some food warmed up to refresh the Gracie trap. At 12:52pm the phone started beeping I grabbed the phone, and standing there was Miss Hazy standing outside of the kennel. 30 Seconds later the door was shut and she was locked in. GSDR called the family and told them to get running to the kennel and make sure she does not get out we were on our way. The family was able to get her on a leash attached to the martingale collar she was already wearing. Upon on our arrival we put her on 2 slip leashes and walked her to the back of the kennel,so we get safely get her away from the door. We were able to get her out and walked her back to the house. As we started walking she start wagging her tail as she knew she was SAFE after her 8 day tour of Derry NH. We are all relieved that she is back home safe and her family is beyond thrilled.



                                THE STORY OF MISS MOLLY!
                Sheltie Rescue in Tamworth NH after 2 years on the road
The story of Missy Molly: GSDR was contacted by Chrissy from the Conway Animal Shelter about a little dog in Tamworth NH that has been out on her own for some time. Molly's story began when her family moved away and they left her behind, we are unsure of where the moved but rumor has it either CT or RI. 
Many people over the last 1.8 years tried to help this little one but she outsmarted everyone. She survived last years horrible winter and survived on cat food/bird seed and what ever else she could find.  
Last Saturday December 12,2015 , GSDR went out to Tamsworth NH which is. 1.5 hrs away from us and set up our Gracie Trap and loaded it up with fresh cooked food. Within 8 hrs we started receiving photos on our cells phones that she was going in and out of our Gracie trap without any problem . We left a cooler of fresh cooked human food for Chrissy from the Conway Area Humane Society to feed Miss Molly during the week. 
Miss Molly repeatedly visited the trap during the course of the week. This evening Susan & Holly headed to Tamworth NH after work. They were armed with a giant marrow bone wrapped in bacon and a steak and set the trap at 6pm and at 6:10 pm Little Miss Molly was safe. Molly was very well mannered and let us reach thur the kennel and put slip leashes on her . Molly was more than happy to have love and humans touching her as it has been so long since she was shown any affection. Molly is only approx. 15 pounds and is heavily matted but otherwise looks to be in great shape. Chrissy from the shelter came down to meet Molly. GSDR fitted her with a martingale collar and got her loaded up into a Vari kennel. Chrissy then transported her to the shelter for her first warm safe night in a very long time . There was not a dry eye in the woods as it is amazing that such a little dog could survive for so long in the woods of NH.

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