Granite State Dog Recovery - Testimonials
GRANITE STATE DOG RECOVERY - Helping to Reunite Lost Dogs with their Families in NH

Nicole SmartThank you Granite State Dog recovery for your help in getting Bella back to us. To show our thanks we made a donation in Bella's name.

Krystal Cleaves — Real life super heroes! Angels on Earth! These individuals work around the clock, in all weather, to save the lives of lost dogs they have never even met. All volunteer, they NEVER give up on any dog! I will forever be in debt to this amazing organization and truly blessed to have them on our side. GSDR is extended family now to us!

Jaydn Cahill — I truly cannot thank you enough for bringing Tuukka home! Every single prayer I had was answered and I am so thankful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication in what you do. You are a group of amazing people and I am so blessed to have stumbled across you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤️

Diane Chaput Cochran — I just can't tell you how AMAZING these girls are! If I could give them ten stars for excellence and amazing I would...
Thank You very very much for your success in rescuing!

Becky Gabrus-Miller — Great website that I would encourage everyone get involved in. If it wasn't for this site we may not have our Labradoodle anymore. I was reluctant at first because I thought my signs and phone would have worked but that failed and Granite State Dog Recovery came to the rescue. Our whole family thanks you!

Jay Mongeon — Holly Amy and Lisa are fantastic!!! Their efforts on help and looking for trey go so far beyond words. They truely are miracle workers. Best organization ever!! Our family is whole again and would not be that way without their help support and encouragement! Thank you so very very much to everyone!!!!! 

Veronica Gee — Without Holly , Amy, Lisa, the crew at Granite State Dog Recovery who knows if our Trey would be home!!! He was found tonight right after a shooting star soared across the sky. OUR BABY IS BACK!!!!! WITH ALL OUR LOVE THANK YOU!

Lorna Danielson McCluskey — Thank you is not enough- you were a God send- the reason my pug "Tootsie" is snoring beside me tonight. :) So glad I found you--and blessed-

Patti Guilmette — I can not thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication on helping us catch Lincoln. You came out in the tick infested woods to help track him down. I learned so much from all the advice..and tho some may be hard to follow...the outcome was better than I could have imagined. Thank You

Chris Caron — This sight and the people on it are absolutely amazing. There really aren't any words to describe all of you and all the efforts!!

Maureen O'Brien — Thank you Granite State Dog Recovery! Angel went missing and was found not even 24 hours later! ♥ Keep up the good work

Lindsay Daly — Words cannot express how grateful our family is for Granite State Dog Recovery and their community. The outpouring of love and support everyone expressed while Cali was missing was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. With everyone's share, comment, and call, we were able to narrow down where Cali was. The tips and suggestions the community provided led to Cali's safe return. We cannot thank you enough!

Tammy Thibodeau-DelaCruz — Thank you so much for helping me find my dog in less then 24hrs after he had been missing 3wks. I'm so happy to have my pooch back wish I knew about GSDR when he first was missing. Gotta love GSDR YOUR THE BEST !!!

Azad Gualtieri — They are the best, most dedicated people. I don't know how I would get the word out about found dogs if it weren't for GSDR. They make a difference every day.

Max Tardiff — They were incredibly helpful in finding and capturing our lost dog. He was running for 12 days. We would not have been able to bring him home without GSDR.

Kimberly Randall — Changing and saving lives every day! There's no one like your crew!!

Nicole Davis Dodge — Without the help of this wonderful group, I would not have located Fizz. Their support, advice and immediate help was incredible. What an incredible resource, this just doesn't exist anywhere else. Thank you seems lacking. Thank you.

Constance Coleman — 5 starI have posted many times for others lost dogs, but last evening I helped a man post and act on finding his lost "Lily" from Weymouth,MA.
All the tips we did, and thankfully Jim allowed me to direct his plan.I can't say enough good things about what you all do for the public.
Because you care, a little dog is back in her home with her special person, and Jim is certainly feeling alot better tonight.
Thumbs up to Granite State Dog Recovery

Nicole Elizabeth Conant-gould — I am so thankfull for you guys!! You guys helped me find my baby!! You guys are doing a great thing. Thank you guys from bottom of my heart for helping reunite us with our dog!!!

Lane Zambruno — With the Quick help from Granite State Dog Recovery 'Bella' has been found :) 24hours later. My family and I thank you very much for being such a HUGE help in finding our dog :)

Katelyn Anne McCrossin — Amazing group with lots of heart and dedication. I don't know what I would have done without all of your insight and advice the last 4 days. I can't thank you enough for helping me bring Kali home!

Lynne Mousseau — We are truly amazed by all you do to reunite pets and owners! We can't thank enough for all you did for us!! We are so happy to have Archer home sFe and sound! Thank you, thank you!!

Tracy Trahan — Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your fast response to my request for help in finding my little dog. This organization is WONDERFUL!!!!!

Christie Ann McMullen — I can't thank you enough for your help retrieving my dog, Molly! It was a long 2 days, but thankfully, she's safe now! If I could give you 10 stars I would! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :D

Jacqui Buenrostro — Thank you so much for helping finding our Shiba Inu !! Me and my family are so happy to have her home again!

Dawn Titus-Bankert — Thank you just isn't enough to say to Granite State!! Because of your flyers, our beautiful Kimber is home safe and sound after TWO MONTHS!!! A women saw one of the flyers at Petsmart that one of our Volunteers put up. She called me and the search began. Kimber had been seen for over two weeks. They thought she was a throw away dog because she had lost her collar. My husband went on Monday and was able to see the dog but couldn't tell if it was our Girl. She ran away from everyone so fast. My husband spent hours with our other dog looking for her. Teddy, our boy, left his scent. Kimber was caught on camera smelling all around that area. I went the next day. She came flying around a barn I was in front of. I called her name crying and she skid to a stop turned around and charged me. She hit me so hard she knocked me over. Kimber pinned me to the ground and was kissing me like crazy.. She was taken immediately to the Vet. Kimber was covered in ticks, lost 6 pounds but she's ok!! Thank you for your flyers that alerted people that she was a loved member of our family!!❤️

Lauren Reed — Granite state dog recovery was awesome! I submitted all the dogs information along with a picture and the flyer was up in a matter of minutes! I had hundreds of people share the flyer! And because of that I had a person who saw a flyer.. And saw that one of her friends posted about a dog she had found and it ended up being her! so thankful!