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Report a Missing or Found Dog

Reporting a Lost or Found Dog 

Whether you have a lost or found a dog, it is critical that you act quickly. Get in touch with Granite State Dog Recovery in Manchester, New Hampshire if you need assistance. You may also fill out our lost dog report and begin your search immediately. 

By submitting the form you are giving consent for Granite State Dog Recovery to post the information you include (your phone number and email address) on our Facebook page.

Please send a full body shot of your dog for the flyers and on our Facebook posts. If you are having any issues uploading a photo to the form, please email us a clear photo in JPG format to

Please do not wait for your lost dog to come home! Each second counts in searching for a lost dog. Don't ever suspend your independent efforts because you submit a listing to this or any other service.


What to Do If You Found a Dog

  1. Check for a license or ID tags. Knock on doors in the neighborhood where you found the dog to see if someone has lost him or know who the dog belongs to.
  2. Notify all of the correct authorities to report the dog found. Call your local police non-emergency line to see if someone has reported losing a dog who matches the description of the one you found. Call your city or town's local animal control agency (ACO) as well as your local animal shelter or veterinaries in the area to report the dog you found.
  3. Take the dog to the nearest veterinarian or animal shelter to have the dog scanned for a microchip and checked for any other IDs such as a tattoo.
  4. Create "found dog" flyers and post it around the neighborhood and at local businesses, such as veterinary offices, pet supply stores, groomers, dog parks, supermarkets, the post office, and other local businesses.
  5. Post an ad on Craigslist, in your local newspaper (found ads are often free), lost and found Internet/Facebook sites, and on Granite State Dog Recovery's Facebook page.

Remember to never give the dog to a person claiming he or she is the owner without asking for proof, such as pictures, vet record, etc. Never remove the dog from the city or town in which it was found.

You can also help the dog to safety by filling out a found dog report. By submitting this form, you are giving consent for Granite State Dog Recovery to post the information you include (your phone number and email address) on our Facebook Page. This will help facilitate the possible reunion of a lost dog with his/her owner. 

If you are having trouble uploading the found dog's photo on the form, please forward it to, preferably a full body picture of the dog for the flyers and our Facebook page.

Notice of Privacy

Please be informed that by posting to Granite State Dog Recovery’s website or Facebook page, and/or requesting that a message regarding your missing dog or a dog you have found be posted, you are giving your consent to make certain private information available for public viewing. This would include name, phone number, picture and/or email address.

Please be advised that Granite State Dog Recovery, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, not Facebook, is requesting this information in order to facilitate the recovery of your missing pet by communicating your contact information to our Facebook page or website.

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