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Maximize Your Efforts in Looking for Your Lost Dog

Getting the Word Out About a Missing Dog and How

Take immediate steps to find your dog as soon as you realize that he is missing. To generate a sighting of your missing dog, Granite State Dog Recovery recommends that you print at least 250 full-page flyers to distribute to businesses and public places, including the following: 

  • 4-H Clubs and Various Outdoor Clubs
  • Animal Services - Vet Clinics, Pet Food Stores, Groomers, Boarding Facilities, Doggy Day Care, and Dog Walkers
  • Apartment Complexes - Tape Flyers to the Dumpsters
  • Churches - Handout Flyers at Departure Time or Ask If an Announcement Can Be Made During the Service; Ask For a Flier to Be Put in the Sunday Bulletin
  • Convenience Stores
  • Daycares
  • Department Store Parking Lots - Under Windshield Wipers
  • Dog Parks
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Flea and Farmers Markets
  • Gas Stations
  • Industrial Area - Ask Business to Post a Flier at the Time Clock Employees Use
  • Neighborhood Coffee Shops
  • Neighborhood Delis
  • Newspaper Carriers
  • Park 'n Rides
  • Pizza/Food Delivery - Ask If They Would Be Willing to Give Lost Dog Flyers With the Pizza That They Are Delivering
  • Schools - Ask the Principal to Send Out an Email Blast
  • School Bus Drivers - Ask Drivers to Tape Flyers in Back of Their Seat, so the Children on the Bus Can See It
  • Snowmobile Trails and Clubs/Bike Paths - Put Lost Dog Posters Facing Both Directions in the Area of Where Trails Cross the Roadways
  • Sports Event
  • Taxi Cab Drivers
  • US Postal Service
  • UPS, Fed EX, and Cable Utility Drivers

Please remember, to never approach children regarding a lost/found dog!

Post your flyers in your neighborhood and beyond up to a 3-mile radius. You can never have enough flyers up! When placing flyers on telephone poles, make sure they are facing the direction of travel in plastic sheet protectors and stapled in all four corners.

In neighborhoods that have no telephone poles, you can go door-to-door with flyers or place them in newspaper boxes.

Note: Do not put them inside mailboxes as this is a federal offence. 


Social Media

Use Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist and other  local lost dog sites to post about your lost dog.

Be sure to list your phone number and ask people to call you to receive sightings. This saves time instead of having to check multiple social media posts regarding sightings.

Restaurants and Dumpsters

You would be surprised to hear how many dogs turn up at restaurant dumpsters. It is very important that you go and visit every restaurant within a couple of miles. Talk with the kitchen staff and management.

Does the night shift or the early morning shift notice a dog hanging/bolting from the dumpster area when they approach? Does anyone notice dog prints near or around the dumpsters during the winter months? Has the late night shift been leaving food out for a lost dog?

Business Cards

Turn your lost dog flier into a business card! These are easy to distribute to people walking, riding bikes etc. Sometimes people throw away flyers, but they will keep a business card. Remember to use a phone number that someone is able to answer at any time of the day. Cell phones work best. 

What to Do When You Receive Call or Sightings

1. Record all sightings in a log book

2. Ask questions and listen

3. Record the name of the caller and their phone number

4. Ask simple questions, such as:

  • Where did you see my dog?
  • When did you see my dog?
  • Can you describe my dog?
  • What was she doing? (Examples running down road, playing with other dogs)
  • Did you see a collar?
  • What is the color of the collar?
  • Which direction did my dog go?

After you finish with the call, make sure to post it on a map. You can use a paper map or satellite maps. This will help you figure out the direction of travel.

Contact us in Manchester, New Hampshire if you have any questions.

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